SiriusCreations' trip to Krakow: 14 May 2010.

Essen - Bielefeld

Meeting with SST member Victor

After a nice breakfast I departed from Essen around 9 am. The trip to Bielefeld is only about 160 km avoiding highways. So enough time to visit some towns in between for a short walk Like in Olfen. This was not planned but I saw this nice old bridge I needed to take a picture of.

A walk to the center brought me to this church, St Vitus

You see a lot of fields with these yellow flowers

Just checked in to my hotel and uploaded the pictures from yesterday. I will go now to the center.

Before I met Victor I went to the citycenter where I took the following pictures

Then I walked to the place where Victor and I would meet. After saying hi Victor's boyfriend went home. Victor and I went to a nice cafe and had a nice conservation. After that he showed some buildings in town and then we walked to the car. After dropping Victor home I drove back to the hotel.

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